Payoneer Card instead of Fiverr Revenue Card


Can i use my Payoneer Card instead of Fiverr Revenue Card? or do i need to apply to a Fiverr Revenue Card?


I thought that you could use the Payoneer card, although on the site is says this…

Search through the forums. Someone from Payoneer actually has a thread and maybe you can find more info there.

Fiverr Customer Support


@sincere18 is right, you can link your existing Payoneer card to your Fiverr acount. Here’s some more information:


Thanks guys, really appreciate it.


Please help me… My Payoneer Account has been blocked. For this I can not withdraw my funds from Fiverr. Paypal is not supported in Bangladesh. How Can I withdraw my funds now ? May I add my MOM’s Payoneer Account on my Fiverr Account ? How to remove my disabled Payoneer Account from Fiverr and add My MOM’s Payoneer account ?