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Payoneer Direct Deposit/bank transfer concerns

After reviewing the withdraw options I found the Direct Deposit option to be more economical at $1 per transfer (or atleast when I signed up, now Payoneer shows $1.50 per transfer)

I have three questions related to this withdraw method

  1. When I signed up for Direct Deposit I got a message from Payoneer

“All Payments from Fiverr will be automatically transferred to your local bank account, in USD”

However automatic does not sound like what I want. I need the ability to manual tell Fiverr I want to transfer funds, this way I can transfer funds once a month rather than every time I earn enough money for withdraw and be charged the transfer fee each time, if a Direct Deposit occurs every time I reach the minimum amount for withdraw than the fees will start eating into my profits, this is why I only want them transferred once a month.

2 ) What are the real fees and minimum withdraw limits for Direct Deposit? On fiverr it says US bank transfers for Direct Deposit are $1 per transaction and minimum withdraw of $5. Once logged into Payoneer it shows $1.50 per transfer and the confirmation email from Payoneer says the minimum withdraw is $29.99. I just want the truth.

  1. Since I have linked my paypal account which I used to purchase gigs from sellers and I have added the Direct Deposit option, do I need to set the default withdraw option somehow? Because when my funds clear I don’t want them automatically going through paypal, because those fees are ridiculous


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I also need to know this.

I guess I’ll give it another day and ask the question to CS and post there response here.

This was the reply from CS

"Thank you for contacting us For Direct deposit There is a $1 charge per withdrawal The minimum withdrawal amount is $5. You cannot have the Fiverr Revenue Card™ and Direct Deposit simultaneously.

The process is automatic, and that means when you press on DIrect deposit to withdraw the funds there will be no email to ask you to proactively confirm the withdrawal.

If you add you PayPal also you will have to option to chose every time which withdrawal provider you want to use.

We kindly suggest you to check Withdrawing Funds for more info.

Hope this was helpful.
We are here if you need any further assistance."

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I didn’t find their reply related to your and mine problem. What do you say?

I didn’t quite get you. The funds will only be transferred from Fiverr when you click the “Bank Transfer” button from the revenue page. It is not automatic.

DIRECT DEPOSIT is an option ONLY available to U.S buyers and sellers.

It isn’t Direct Deposit if you have to use a third party to move the money, who also charges you again. Fiverr is going to turn a lot of potential contractors away with the archaic ‘withdrawal’ system they use. Forcing people to use PayPal or Payoneer is a terrible choice.