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Payoneer does not care about your money

Caused by a data leak at Woocommerce my Payoneer Credit Card was used for fraud. 5 bookings (total of over $ 700) appeared on my account. I called Payoneer and asked them to delete but they said they would not be able to to anything about that even when the bookings were still in approval mode. So the money got stolen. I filled the dispute form twice only to learn that I would need to wait for at least 90 days to get an answer (and hopefully a refund). Payoneer s customer service is super slow. Do not expect any answer within 72 hours to 1 week. Your money might be gone then …


At Payoneer we take all matters related to unauthorized card activity very seriously. We are a fully regulated US company and strictly adhere to online payment regulations and procedures.

When a charge is made to your card, even if it is pending authorization, Payoneer is prohibited from cancelling it. In these cases, we must file an official dispute with MasterCard, who will then investigate the charge with the merchant in question.

We file a dispute on your behalf as soon as possible, however there is a very strict procedure that must be followed, which unfortunately can take up to 90 days (as the merchant must be given a minimum amount of time to review the dispute and reply). In some cases it can be resolved much quicker, this is just the maximum time allowed.

I am very sorry to hear that your card was used without your authorization, and once again would like to assure you that we take such matters very seriously. We offer immediate support via telephone and live chat, and also have a 24/7 dedicated phone line available for all issues related to lost or stolen/compromised cards: