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Payoneer fee- card or bank account, in what currency back account is better

Hi, i want to withdraw funds.
I have few questions for those whose local currency is not USD and Euro.

1.Does payoneer fiverr card keep 3.5$ on every use? Be it atm, supermarket or ebay ?

  1. if you withdraw all the money on the card one time, payoneer will not charge fee 3$ per month if there is no money on the card.
    But given that pos terminal and atm both take their%, it will be hard to withdraw the exact amount to leave the card completely empty.
    Have you tried this?

3.What is better - using payoneer fiverr card or withdrawing to bank account and withdrawing from local bank?

4.If you are using withdraw by wire transfer to your local bank that is attached to payoneer, do you withdraw to usd account or local currency account in your local bank, which loses less money?
I have read if you are not in USD withdrawing to an bank account that is in usd will cause loses.
Thank you in advance, any tips are appreciated.

I’ll subscribe to this thread, if you don’t mind, because that is something I’ve been trying to figure out myself.
As far as your questions go, I can answer the first one, here’s what I can tell from research I’ve been doing:

  1. No, it seems like that fee only applies to atm or bank withdrawals. However there might be other, percentage based fees on buying anything outside the US and they vary.

Welcome to the thread.
I have read multiple topics on payoneer community site, on fiverr community site and searched before opening this topic.

someone who had used the card please confirm that we do not have to pay 3.5$ fee each time we buy something with the payoneer fiverr card in a supermarket, or when we attach it to paypal and use it to buy goods on ebay?