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Payoneer Fees are Catastrophic - Don't Use It


It pains me to write this. In the beginning, I liked Payoneer. The Payoneer Mastercard fees weren’t great. However, they also weren’t astronomical. Sadly, as of this year, I have come to loathe payoneer.

To cut straight to the chase, Payoneer is currently applying an astronomical exchange rate to transactions. Also, this is pretty new.

In the past, I used to check my Payoneer balance in US dollars. I would then convert this amount using a service like XE, and head to the nearest ATM. When withdrawing, I would then remember that Payoneer charges $3.50 per withdrawal, as well as also uses its own funky exchange rate. In this case, if I had the equivalent of €1,000 to withdraw, I’d withdraw €990.

Sadly, all this has changed.

Starting after I received a replacement Payoneer card earlier this year, I realized that my old way of calculating how much I can withdraw simply doesn’t work anymore. I’d have pre-calculated amount like €800 to withdraw (after taking into account fees and exchange rates etc). Then at the ATM, my transaction would be declined due to having insufficient funds.

Trying again, I’d attempt to withdraw a smaller amount like €790. Then this too would be declined. (Each time also resulting in a $1 fee from Payoneer.)

So today, I decided to test to see just how exorbitant Payoneer’s stealth tax-like exchange rate really is. - And I’m horrified.

This morning, I calculated that I had the equivalent of €923 in my Payoneer account. Payoneer transaction fees would reduce this to €919.50 when withdrawing. Therefore, off I went to the ATM to withdraw a nice round figure of €900.

Needless to say, I could not withdraw €900. In fact, to my horror, the maximum I could withdraw was €870. This means that Payoneer charged me almost €50 just to make a withdrawal. Of course, they say that the difference is due to international exchange rates. However, please remember. - Before I left home, I had already applied today’s exchange rate to my Payoneer balance and subtracted another €19 to make allowances for Payoneer’s own way of doing things.

As for why Payoneers fees are so astronomical, it seems that USD balances are actually representative of GBP balances due to where and how Payoneer manages its accounts. This being the case, either 2 exchange rates are applied when Payoneer users make withdrawals (GBP - USD - EUR etc), or there is something even more mindbogglingly insane going on.

In either case, I’m sorry to say it but as of now, I can no longer recommend Payoneer as a viable Fiverr payment option.


Yikes! :cold_face:

After reading your post, this solidifies why I will never touch Payoneer with a 10ft pole.

I never had a desire to use Payoneer, it just seemed like a bunch of headache :face_with_head_bandage: I didn’t need or want in my life.

Payoneer is a money pit!

PayPal is my preferred payment provider.

I’ve obtained Business and Personal account for years (cards for both) and overall I’m happy with PP. Sometimes, I hit a snag and they always fix the issue in a timely manner. PP fees compared to Payoneer is like :crescent_moon: night and day. :partly_sunny:


Oh yeah Payoneer has always been trash. But I think there are some foreign sellers who have no other choice BUT to use Payoneer to withdraw their funds.


I never withdraw at ATMs, I use Payoneer card to pay for stuff at various stores.


This is really sad to hear


I used to do the same. However, the same exchange rate should apply. It’s only transaction fees which are offset by using cards online and in store.


278usd is equivalent to 20k Bangladeshi Taka. This amount is fixed for debit cards in our countries ATMs. If you have to withdraw more you need to pay the ATM bill again. Payoneer Card + ATM is a disaster :hot_face:

Crazy thing lol



I am using Payoneer to Bank transfer that is the easiest and lowest cost for me in Srilanka


this may be hard to belive but here in Venezuela Payoneer offer the lowest rate transaction…I became num to the money pit…


Same here. For a beginner Payoneer card is not allowed to issue without first $100 transaction. So I made regular bank transfer from payoneer. Out of my curiosity it happened that I checked the charge list of payoneer card before applying for it. And what I saw was really disappointing. They charge $30 as a yearly maintenance fee which is acceptable, but when I saw that it charges for every transaction in multiple steps I decided to stay with the bank transfer method.


I agree my pana :sunglasses: …I buy things from Unicasa Superrmarket, etc :wink: