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Payoneer horrible customer support?


I need to make some very important purchases, but Payoneer keeps declining about half of my purchases. Always at specific shops too!

Anyone else have issues with them and is there a way to fix them? I’ve tried their support center to ask for help, and all messages get instantly tagged as resolved and I receive no help. The live chat link also gives a blank page only with the text “Live chat” on it. :rage::-1: I can’t try their phone support, so not sure how that works.


Sorry to hear that. It’s working good here and i also did a quick google search in past 12 hours section just to see if other people having this problem but no. everything seems okay.


Yes I have.They banned my account with $60+ and I never get any solution So I forget payoneer for ever If they giving me money to use their service I am not going to use their service any more,Bad service ever.
Fiverr has best customer support ever I had seen See what they repliedCapture


atleast you called it horrible. i wait for 2 hours for live chat. they are the worst