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Payoneer (India) withdrawal failing

I tried withdrawing to my Payoneer account and it’s failing with the message:

" Withdrawal was not completed. Please try again or contact Customer Support for more details."

Anyone else, especially from India facing the same issue?

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I got the same message while trying to withdraw my funds. I’ve contacted fiverr support so lets see what they say.

Ali, I have also contacted. Appreciate if you reply back to this thread when your issue is resolved. I will also do the same. Thank you!

For sure! Will definitely keep you posted.

Update: Got a reply from Fiverr and they told me to contact Payoneer Support. I did so and now waiting to hear from Payonner.

Update: I tried withdrawing again before I could hear from Payoneer support and it got through. Payoneer must have done something from their end.

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