Payoneer is a scam


how could payoneer process a dummy bank account??
@payoneer you really really given me a big bomb on my head…

It shoudn’t process!! because a “DUMMY BANK” has never ever been listed on this word
Y O Y you process my money?
#payoneer and you tell me it left on your system?
what system are you using?
and for that, you should close your company because it’s useless, nonsense, to use an old system. AND no wonder you left behind by paypal and other company…

SO I destroyed my card… I DON’T WANT TO USE PAYONEER anymore…


Have you verified the card.

And have you received a pin and withdraw money from fiverr to payooner?

I’ve done transactions in the past.
A bit difficult but successful


Or you could transfer money directly to your bank account.


Payoneer is not scam, I try it and send me all my money to my bank


Did you set up your account with a dummy bank account?


@hardbearded996 , how would you know they set up a dummy bank account, unless you tried it?


If I’m not wrong, Payoneer is not a Bank (Paypal also iot a Bank), it’s just a payment gateway. In the picture, you actually destroyed your MasterCard :stuck_out_tongue:
Payoneer is not that bad. I use it. Only thing I have to complain about, they do not send any notification while I withdraw or purchase or withdrow money from the card.


I’m doing well with payoneer for years and the exchange rate is even better than paypal.
I know PO has its limitation but it’s not that bad.
Ask for customer support and they’ll help you solve the problem. Don’t ask for PO international support but ask for PO local support. PO installed many representatives in many countries, contact them to get quicker help.


That’s fine. I suggest you go put this on the Payoneer forums - Fiverr does not own Payoneer and it’s a choice to use it or not. This is not a “Fiverr Experience” so it’s been moved to the Ranting Pot where it barely belongs.


I have a Fiverr payoneer card awesome design :slight_smile: but I have never used it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I only use paypal :moneybag:


I did a gift for you before you throw the card in the trash! R.I.P :coffin:


Frankly speaking you are surely mistaken. Payoneer is a very reliable and good service. So if you enter wrong details it your fault not payoneers.


i totally disagree u have not done right or must have skip any step i have been using payoneer for lat 2 3 year not a signal error i ever get even what i withdraw i have my amount in my bank account with in 4 to 8 hours max


that’s very strange, i am using payoneer card and services several years ago and they are one of the most reliable in the field, also i’ve tried their card in many countries and it works perfectly


What happened? Payoneer is my primary payment gateway. No bad experience so far. :frowning:


Payoneer has been the best platform I’ve been using to withdraw my earnings from my fiverr account. I’m surprised to hear this…


I started using Payoneer in November and it was a little frustrating at first because I had not received my card. I ordered it in June. I added my bank account and sometime in November I sent money from Fiverr into Payoneer but they said I needed to verify the card in order to make any transaction.

It was really annoying because I had submitted all documents. I simply couldn’t use it because the card had not arrived. I was a bit worried, but I didn’t get angry and smash my screen.

I traced the card to a post office and got it at the end of December with my money stuck there and I could finally withdraw it.

All I am saying is, this isn’t the right way to vent. No progress is ever made with destroying things. Try and get to the bottom of it.


no brother it is good online bank


I am using payoneer for a long time and found no difficulties so far ! :slight_smile:


You did mistake at payoneer system. What do you know, 45% fiverr’s withdraw or payment at the system.Please you will get more information about your issue. I hope that you will solve the reason.