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Payoneer is just awesome

I had recently used payoneer for my withdrawals. Payneer’s revenue transfer rate is very good compared to paypal. Service is very very fast less than 24 hours.
I read on forum that payoneer rewards $50 on $100 transfer under promotional scheme. I contacted payoneer CS and asked for either i was entitled for such promotional scheme. Payoneer responded very very fast and next day of payoneer’s mail, my account was credited with $ 50. Thanks to Payoneer…!
I recommend its service for withdrawals.

did somebody refered you to payoneer. i have heard if some one refer you to payoneer then both of you get $25…explain please as i am looking for payoneer account as papypal is not avail in my country

Payoneer is a fantastic service. I started using them about 1 month ago. Until them I used Paypal and withdraw from there to my card.
Their fees are a bit higher (2,5%) on withdrawal from ATM but you get the money in 1 hour from the moment you withdraw from Fiverr

Nobody referred me. I just sign up on payoneer and get all my fiverr payments through this. I heared that this prmotional scheme will end on february 2016. I had withdrawn $181. just then contacted payoneer CS, claimed and got money in my account.

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This may be vary country to country but I think its a better option for Indian people. Transfer rate is better than other fund transfer sites. As far as annual charge concern, Its $29 per year.