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Payoneer is Killing Me- Can I Request My Money Be Sent Back To Fiverr?

Submitted my first withdrawal request on Monday which was so difficult to do, selecting the bank withdrawal method. There is a lack of clarity doing the process. My bank doesn’t use a branch code and a bank code and advised me to fill it out with zeros. I did and Payoneer sends me a message that it is incorrect and I should forward the correct information so I advised them of the information my bank relayed to me. I also screenshot the conversation with my bank about the same and forwarded it to them. Days have passed with no word from Payoneer about whether or not the information was received or whatever. I had to send Payoneer a message again, asking if they can do the withdrawal or not. Days passed again then they contact me that they’ve sent the information to the relevant “desk” and will update me. How hard does it take for them to confirm whether or not the information I provided can be used or not? I am fed up at this point and just want them to send back my money so I can direct it through paypal. I’ve never had issues with bank withdrawal on any other site that I work with. Does fiverr have anything to say with regards to this since they are the ones who initiates this bank withdrawal with Payoneer? The money neither shows in my Payoneer account nor my fiverr account. Am I going to have to wait another week for them to get this sorted out?
Am I able to contact Fiverr to cancel the withdrawal request or do I have to go through Payoneer?

Click the ‘Customer Support’ link in the footer of or click the ‘Help’ that shows when you click your icon/profile picture on, that will get you to the page where you can contact Customer Support.

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Withdrawn funds cannot be reversed.

“Withdrawals are final and cannot be undone. We will not be able to refund or change this process once it has begun.”

Withdrawn funds cannot be reversed, I understand. Withdrawals are final and cannot be undone. That I also understand. Now these are very ambiguous terms that I know any lawyer and I am not one, can pick into. Number one, withdrawn funds means that money was taken from Fiverr and put elsewhere. Fiverr has taken the funds but funds have not been appropriated anywhere. (Note withdrawal request was to my bank). Number two, for something to be declared that it “cannot be undone” it would have had to be done in the first place. What has Fiverr done? Sent me a message to say the withdrawal request is initiated with a 3-5 day wait but the withdrawal has not be done.

This is the message I receive from Payoneer:
We’re glad to let you know that Fiverr has initiated a payment to you as per the following details:
Initiated being the operative word here.

The message quoted above would have me believe that if I request withdrawal from Fiverr and they state it has been withdrawn but it is hanging somewhere and not sent anywhere “I have no legal grounds with Fiverr?”

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That would be a question for an expert in international law if you want to take it there, not for me. :balance_scale:

Yes, thanks. I did study it but I’m really concerned, because the money has not been transferred anywhere. It’s not urgent so I’ll wait next week and see what happens.

Sorry you cant. I Also faced this earlier


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I’m trying to figure out what you mean I can’t. I can’t get money I worked for or it won’t be sent back to my Fiverr and I just have to wait? (please note the money is still stated in my Fiverr as initiated and has not been sent anywhere. So I’m trying to figure out what “you can’t mean?”

I think a misconception is that this money is in the Payoneer account Fiverr had me sign up for in order to complete a bank withdrawal. No, there’s no money in my Payoneer account and none has ever been sent there.

IF you have payoneer account linked up with fiverr you should have get the money.

If you are not getting it you should contact with CS

Hey don’t get upset, Let me help you out. Don’t send emails to their support regarding your problem. One thing your money is safe and goes no where… I have had this issue in very beginning it was tense full time i can understand your situation…

Instead of sending them emails try to chat with them. There is an online chat option in there website. They will ask security questions recent copy of the identity card. They will verify the information on that moment and will solve your problem accordingly.

can you send me the link ? i am facing the same problem

This is over 4 years long. She and you do not have same problem. Check the date before posting.