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Payoneer is rolling out contactless PayPass cards

Hello Fiverr community, I have great news. :sunglasses:

I got information on one of the Payoneer official groups that they’ll be rolling out contactless cards for all partners soon. They currently started with Airbnb, 2checkout and regular Payoneer card.


Before I ordered a new replacement card, I contacted Payoneer support on chat and had 1-hour long discussion with their agent about this, who initially had no clue that this is even happening.
After some waiting, while he consulted his superiors, I got the following information:

Thank you so much for waiting. At the moment, the contactless cards are issued only for certain program. It will gradually be expanded for more programs. So, for now, we need to wait for the update as this is not available yet on your program"

So I’m registered via Fiverr.
But if you have a regular Payoneer card (without the Fiverr logo on it) you can get a replacement card :slight_smile:

I’ve been waiting for this since I started using Payoneer this year.
Why? I replaced 3 cards so far, and I’ve been only using Payoneer for 11 months.
My main issue is the card quality, it’s peeling off because of constant insertions into POS terminal. And cashiers always insert it roughly as they can. So I’ve been forced to order a new card every 3 months.
I hope Payoneer users registered through Fiverr will get this soon :slight_smile:

Latest info: “All Payoneer cards will be migrated to contactless, for some partners it is already possible to issue card with contactless technology, but for some, unfortunately, this technology meanwhile not available.
We will update you, once new information regarding cards will be provided.”


Pardon my ignorance… What benefits will we get from it …

Contactless I’d think. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m using my card everyday, inserting it into POS terminal, it’s literally peeling off. Glitter from numbers all over my hands.
To me, benefit is that I do not need to enter PIN up to certain amount (varies per country) and that my card will last longer, because card replacements are not free.


Latest info:

Still no PayPass for Fiverr program. I also contacted Fiverr regarding this. It’s so frustrating.

Thanks for sharing the news. :slight_smile:

I have a regular Payoneer card and they still aren’t shipping contactless cards (to Serbia as of March '19), only to some of their partners, so that’s fake news. They said maybe from the middle of the year, and that you’ll get notified when something is changed. Only regular prepaid cards still.

I have friends from Serbia who got contactless, but only those who didn’t register through a sponsors.
When did you get your card?

thanks for the info. it is excellent to know that payoneer is every day more pndient of its users and working on improvements to help us.

2016 through Payoneer referal program, regular payoneer card. Two of the CS confirmed to me on live chat that there’s no option to send me contactless cards as of right now, I wanted to replace my old one because it’s falling apart and it’s expiring anyway in October, but no luck just yet. I’ll wait till Oct and hope I get lucky

I got my contactless payoneer card today, so i’m guessing all new cards come with paypass now.