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Payoneer, its charges and un-necessary hassle in Pakistan

Sharing my experience with Payoneer, do you face it too?

Had to withdraw Rs.70,000 ($700) from Bank Alfalah ATM in Pakistan. Did 4 transactions that cost me about $40 from Payoneer ($3 on card load + $3 per transaction + low exchange rates) and some bank charges per transaction as well - so basically I had to pay $40+ which is A LOT and that is the usual case with Payoneer.

This limit of Rs.20,000 ($200) withdrawal from ATM is hurting a lot because to get Rs. 70,000 I had to do 4 transactions and I keep losing good bucks on it because Payoneer charges per withdrawal from ATM. Not so safe to stay inside an ATM for so long. (: It un-necessary budges other people and there is a huge security risk.

While LBT (Local Bank Transfer) will be great. Payoneer has launched it’s LBT but it is no where near what LBT is. I wonder if there is another solution or service since no PayPal here in Pakistan?

Plus, Payoneer has $30 yearly activation charges and kills the leisure as we have to travel to ATM every time to withdraw funds.


Finally someone posted about this. I am facing this since I have join Fiverr. Before Bank Alfalah I was using Samba Bank ATM but the issue was still there which is $3 on card load + $3 per transaction + low exchange rates. I am fed up with this $200 limit because we have to do 3-4 transactions. It is very risky and takes a lot of time.

The best thing Payoneer or Fiverr can do for Pakistani Freelancers is to introduce Bank Transfer in Pakistan. We really need that.

I’ve ordered My card and my card is get blocked by payoneer when I received it. When I contact payoneer support they have not tell me reason that why they disable my account, they are saying We can’t tell you reason, Good bye and find another service?. Since After ordering of card There is no activity on my account except login. Furthermore Payoneer charges are too much. :frowning: Let me know if there is any other source available in pakistan for withdraw of revenues. Thankyou

I’ve ordered my card 2 months ago but till I had not received my card and again option of payonner card are not shown and when I am going to post office they said that the card was send from where the card was come then now you again ordered the card but how ?when the option is not show…

I’m facing this too. Finally someone showed fairness in putting this plate form for comments. I also been through this but the issue was still there which is $3 on card load + $3 per transaction + low exchange rates. too much money deduction. It’s like that we earned nothing only a few. which is not a fair base system with all of us. If we have LFT service than it’s must for Payoneer to activate it for all of us. Or else think about this seriously to resolve as early as possible. This is too much deduction.

Thank GOD, at least, some spoke out for this injustice with #Pakistani #Freelancers.
#Fiverr_Team should take it seriously and make sure to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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Fiverr Team Please do something for Pakistani Freelancers


Yes I am facing the same problem too. Yesterday I tried to withdraw money, made 2 transactions but both times transaction was reversed so I received nothing. Now although money is back in my account but still they have deducted $4. :frowning: Thank you for speaking about it. I hope this will bring something good for Pakistani Freelancers.

I think everyone on fiverr, using payoneer, will agree on this. That much deductions really hurts especially when you want to withdraw a big amount.
Fiverr must plan something to help the suffering community, by introducing some better payment withdrawal methods. LBT will be best, if implemented properly.

Its really annoying to have no other options for withdraw our revenue except Payoneer. I personally think Wire Transfer (LBT) is really a safe and Reliable source of getting payments, even if we’re living in safest country of the world. Team Fiverr must do something about this, because these unnecessary charges are disturbing freelancing over here. Glad to know finally someone Said it.

Same Thing my payoneer account got blocked when i try to contact him to remove my fiverr account the shut down the chat and and ddint reply anything now how we can get paid we dont have paypal too

This is so spot on, the biggest reason I moved away from Fiverr is the available payment options. Payoneer is too expensive and very easily gets complex. I use transpay on upwork (Local funds transfers) for direct bank transfer and it’s amazing. My account is in UBL and payment reaches to me within 1 day with far far better exchange rates than payoneer. I think we should ask fiverr to get transpy here as well.

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Bro i agreed with you.

I have used transpay before and it’s better then payoneer.

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I Agreed With you .

I had already used upwork direct bank transfer for Pakistan and it is a very efficient and better as compared to Payoneer.

Samba Bank was a great option because of it’s scarcity in our Country. Most of people were not using it and there used to be no rush. They also provided better exchange rates than other platforms but $200 limit and doing multiple transaction has been always there.

Although I never personally faced this with Payoneer but I do know that you’re not the only ONE.
Payoneer straightaway just block your card without giving any reason? That sounds stupid.

That is usual issue with Payoneer because of Pakistan Post Mail. They send card through PPS and I have personally experienced. I do know how annoying it is.

Exactly. Too much deduction with all the un-necessary hassle.
Either Payoneer has to improve as a Service Provider or they have to provide Hassle-Free LBT Service in Pakistan.

With all these complaints, it is just getting more annoying with time.