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Payoneer, its charges and un-necessary hassle in Pakistan


Been there and have faced exactly the same problem. Not for one or two times, but for many times.

Personally, whenever I go for a transaction and enter my card in ATM. I gasp and just hope that this goes right.


Unfortunately we are only left with Payoneer as our Payment Processor being a Fiverr Seller from Pakistan.

Hopefully Fiverr will look into it and provide us with better solution or collaborate with Payoneer to make their service better for us.


Although I never faced this issue but this is common here as I’m active in multiple forums and community groups.

It sounds stupid when apparently they don’t give you a reason. Doesn’t it?


I’m a multi-platform Freelancer as well. Although I will not state the names but I’m active and with good reputation over 4 major Freelancing Platforms.

There is LBT service on almost every platform other than Fiverr and it is extremely convenient.

My account is in HBL (Habib Bank Limited) and it is not even a current account. Because of my age, I use a “student account”. Personally I never experienced anything negative with LBT service.

It is not the first time I have heard the name of company, Transpay. But it came into my knowledge just now that Transpay is behind LBT service on one of reputable Freelancing Portal.

If Transpay can reach out to Fiverr to implement their service or Fiverr can reach out to Transpay to help Fiverr Community in Pakistan, that would be super cool for us.


A great place to find the best ATMs to withdraw funds from in Pakistan would be here: You can share your experience and find the best options you can withdraw from.


Totally in support, many people don’t start working here just because of these issues like Paypal not working in Pakistan, huge fee of Payoneer and all… It would be better if some payment method is introduced which is feasible not only for Pakistan but for people all over the world.


There is no problem in finding ATMs. The problem is they charge way too much + payoneer charges too. We lose too much money per transaction.


Agreed!!! This is a serious issue and it should be solved


Totally in favor of it. Thanks for speaking out on this genuine issue Usama.


Hey Fiverr,

Please allow us sellers to use Transpay instead of Payoneer on Fiverr for withdraws. That will be good for us. I know a friend who stopped selling on Fiverr because of the money that was being charged by Payoneer’s unwelcoming experience for Pakistani Sellers.

Without direct bank transfer we really can’t work hassle free. Too much is being charged for withdrawing from both Pakistani banks and Payoneer on ATM transactions.


Unfortunately, I am new in Freelancing and haven’t earned that much money so that I can withdraw. Hopefully, I reach to a stage where all these things are possible and yes Payoneer should think about it or fiverr should come up with a solution.


Yes its a major problem in pakisatn pleae fiverr kindly resolve this issue


Hi Fiverr!

I am agreed with this issue, Kindly resolve this problem…!!


Agreed. Payoneer charges too much. There’s a huge amount of money which gets deducted every time one loads into the Payoneer Card. Kindly help us by providing us the Transpay option since it will save us big money. Thanks


Totally agree with you.
This issue should should be resolved now! as We have thousands of fiverr sellers in Pakistan and the numbers are increasing day by day so this issue should in the top priorities of fiverr to resolve the issue asap!

Thank you! Usama for raising voice :slight_smile:


Yeah right! I was asked them many times but they close the chat or call.


I completely second your stance.


You are right, there is no other way to withdraw money, but you can shop from local stores and there will no fees on that, plus go to MCB bank, they charge less compare to Alflah.


Exactly I am Facing save problem , Fiverr should find any solution for this . Payoneer is no more acceptable !


its good to see many pakistani people working on fiverr, gives me pretty much confidence to start working fiverr. you know in Pakistan its hard to trust regarding online things. Khair, Great to see you all. i am not yet on that stage of withdrawal at the moment, but soon i will be, then i will submit the limit problem again :smiley:

Again, glad to see my people on board.