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Payoneer, its charges and un-necessary hassle in Pakistan


I know many people from Pakistan and I must say that are in desperate need of a better and enhanced payment solution than the current one(s).


We need a better solution to this problem.its good to see many pakistani people working on fiverr, gives me pretty much confidence to start working fiverr. you know in Pakistan its hard to trust regarding online things. Khair, Great to see you all. i am not yet on that stage of withdrawal at the moment, but soon i will be, then i will submit the limit problem again :smiley:

Again, glad to see my people on board.


I don’t know if this will help but if you have the Fiverr branded Payoneer card you can transfer the funds to a moneybookers card for 1.8% of the total funds transfered. I’m in Europe but this works for me as then I have my Fiverr funds available in my own currency and don’t get charged when making withdrawls or point of sales transactions.


Local Funds Transfer like Upwork offers would be a huge improvement over offering just Payoneer as a payment option. Payoneer is awesome for specific usage but is not a one solution fits all kind of thing. I highly recommend Fiverr to put some effort in the regard of payment options just like Upwork.


Yes usam97 I’m also facing this issue or I can say that its a serious issue for Pakistani fiverr sellers.
First of all $30 yearly charges for newbies who make $50 and want to withdraw he/she will get only$5 out of $50 for first time so he/she will demotivated. Secondly $3 per transaction. We need to find specific ATM machine that will work properly with payoneer otherwise Payoneer will cut $1 fee for using card . More-ever due to this issue sometime I worried that my card may not caught by machine. So fiverr should need to make local bank transfer.


I didn’t get the card yet. I am waiting for it from 2 months. Now someone told me that payoneer has stopped their service in Pakistan. Please guide me how can I get my funds


No. They have not stopped their service to Pakistan. I have been using them over 5 years and working perfectly.


Go to payoneer and and reorder another card, with a valid address, where a mail can easily reach. OR
Email them your case @


Do you people suggest ordering card through DHL. Has anyone tried it? I am new here and I am feeling unsure whether to use Pakistan Postal option for card shipment or not. What if it get lost? Can someone misuse it? And if I order it through DHL, how much extra will I have to pay?


Yes ! I got it now :slight_smile:


Hello Fiver Please help us out

we need a better Redeeming option than Payoneer… Transpay is the way to go!


I used Bank Alfalah’s atm today. I had about $36 in my account.


and now only 0.80 usd left in my account :frowning:


I’m also using Payoneer But I have been never charged.

I just directly withdraw my amount from Payoneer to my Back Account. Then I used my bank account ATM Card and There is no charges.


i am using fiverr revenue card option in Fiverr and in payoneer i am using withdrawal to bank account. and i am not facing any issue. exchange rate for today (25/12/2017) is 107.99 Rupees per 1$. this is the best way of withdrawal. Money transfer to bank account in 4 to 5 hours maximum and no other charges.


add transpay option in fiverr to local bank transfer


Which bank account are you using?


What i can suggest is do not withdraw from payoneer card at local ATM the bank charges will be involve with low exchange rate. Use bank transfer option to withdraw to your local bank account and use the local bank card at ATM to withdraw money.


I’m using UBL bank account