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Payoneer Linking Goes Wrong

I was trying to link a payoneer and it’s not completed.

and I’ve linked it.

Anytime i re do it again, it’s always telling me that it had been linked. SO i had to change from Bank transfer to Fiverr Revenue Card. As in the image above, I can’t option for that.

Just to add, there are funding source whatsoever in payoneer.

Please help me out.


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Hello There, best way is to setup your payoneer account is ready then try to connect it to fiverr revenue card.

Check this link it may help Setting up Fiverr revenue card
For more help, you can contact Customer Care.
Have a great day

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Thanks Very much… Will check it out

To my understanding, for non-US members, you can only use either paypal or payoneer.
Aside from Paypal and Fiverr revenue card (Payoneer card), you may have a
Bank Transfer button - but it is linked to payoneer account anyway.

So if you have trouble, reach Customer support for help. They may reset your account payment methods so you can add the info again.