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Payoneer minimum withdraw limit in 2018


I want to know that.


From Fiverr it is still $20, and from Payoneer it is $50.


No, from fiverr its now $5 , last week i transfer $17 from fiverr .


thanks for the useful information


how? Never heard that it’s possible to transfer less than $20. :confused:

Always heard that minimum withdraws from fiverr is $20. :roll_eyes: and also everyone said that 20$ is the minimum amount. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You mean you withdrew $20 and the $3 deduction is the fees?


I see no point in withdrawing such small amounts. Processing fees like $3 seems super high if I only withdraw $20-$50
I personally withdraw around 4 digits, but even if small matters to you, don’t do it below $300, then the $3 is still 1%, which I find expensive.


The minimum withdrawal with the Fiverr Revenue Card is $5.


Thanks for your help.


Revenue cards are expensive to small sellers.


The costs are the same for every seller. $1,- for every withdrawal from Fiverr.
Don’t be ridiculous. Think before you reply and give away false information.


$1 really, who’s going to pay the other expenses.


But is better - every month buy something online to make some activity on the card (otherwise they take 3 dollars for nothing) or to withdraw money from fiverr on the card?


I withdrew 8$ to payoneer.


Yes, $1,- are the cost to withdraw, whether you do it with Paypal or Payoneer.

The $5,- fee for card activation is payed once.
There are no fees when you pay with the card in store. Therefore clever people just ask the cashier if they can pin some extra cash to avoid going to an ATM where they would have to pay a fee. Problem solved.
The only people who complain are those who earn little to nothing anyway. This is just how it is.


Or just go to the grocery store and buy something small if you are concerned about the $3,- you have to pay for not using the card for a month.


I don’t earn that much money O_O I would gladly wait with withdrawing until earn $1000+ but that’s just unrealistic for me at the moment…


This is what I suggested 300 (Then the payoneer commission is 1%) - that is achievable, and hopefully you do not need this amount to buy food. What you earn on Fiverr now is like pocket money.
Yes, I do remember when I started out and had very few orders, I was happy for $50 for a month - I had a full time job next to this, so I did not desperately “need” this extra. So I was patient enough to gain enough.


i am new here plz tell me which pyoneer method is good?