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Payoneer not connecting

i joined fiverr in Mar 2019, i earned some amount on fiverr and transferred to payoneer, later on with time i, due to personal reasons, try to disconnect the funding source from payoneer and they said to ask from fiverr. i contacted CS and fiverr disconnected the payoneer from fiverr.
Now, i again want to connect that payoneer with fiverr, but why i am unable to connect fiverr with payoneer. I am level 1 seller, and it always shows this error:
“It looks like you’ve already submitted your Payoneer application.
Please contact our Customer Support department for more details.”
seniors please help.

This is the best idea to contact customer support. You already disconnect it on Fiverr. Now you need Fiverr customer support if you want to add it again. Thanks.

is it possible to connect again same payoneer with fiverr?

It depends on Fiverr. Please contact customer support because only they can help you with this.