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Payoneer or Paypal?


which is the best option to choose between payoneer and paypal to withdraw revenues from fiverr for indian sellers? I am new and I have not registered on any of these yet. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks




Thanks for responding but I would have appreciated if you elaborated a little justifying your choice :slight_smile: I have read very good things about payoneer and very bad things as well. So I am not really able to make up a choice. I searched on google and read many articles about the complexities one may face with payoneer.


I joined fiverr recently but I am into freelancing for long…and paypal has always been my no 1 choice.
although by features payoneer wins. money transfer within 24hrs, no fees. (for indians)
where as paypal take 2-3days to transfer and there is a $1charges for every transaction.
but I feel safe with paypal…


Thanks abhirgb for your explaination. I also read in couple of blogs and articles that payoneer has withdrawn its services in India and many people were complaining about their money being stuck and few going ga ga over payoneer saying there is a huge difference in conversion rate, fees etc and the final amount that gets credited to your bank account compared to paypal. I am really confused. Also, I have another query is it mandatory to use paynoeer master card ? Is it the only option we can withdraw our revenues with?


I have no idea about this, as I have never used anything except paypal. you better wait for some old fiverr seller to answer or you can contact support…


I am from Indonesia and I use payoneer :slight_smile:


Thanks niezeka but I guess payoneer has different rules and policies for India.


payoneer is fast (24 hours money transfer)
Paypal is slow ( 6-7 days money transfer)

Best part is you’ll save more in payoneer than paypal
Inbox for more details :slight_smile:


I use Payoneer, and yes, the Mastercard card is the only way to withdraw funds. You can buy on the internet (since actually withdrawing money also has a fee), which is how I manage this money. I only use it for e-shopping.

Payoneer also has a $25 annual fee for services. The reason I choose Payoneer is because I sell books on Amazon, and THEY don’t work with Paypal, so, I had no choice. I never made the comparisons between companies, and I certainly have no idea how it works in India, sorry.


I use paypal beucase is more safe and i feel better, but for indians i think that payoneer is better