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Payoneer pay out

I request my payout to payoneer on 23/08/2017 and it’s says it’s completed the payout but still i have’t receive any payout to payoneer account. How long will it take?? please help me…


Cs mean??? I don’t know what to do?


Did you choose the immediate payout option?

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No I didn’t see such option at fivver payout

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Hello @theisuru2016,

How are you? I hope you are doing well. So here’s the solution to your problem.

If you’re using Payoneer with the Fiverr, then it’s confirmed you click on Fiverr Revenue card to withdraw your money. So, Once we click on Fiverr Revenue card, They send a withdraw confirmation email to your attached email address. You have to confirm that email, Once click on confirm, you will receive two option.

1- Immediate Load

2- Standard Load

If you will click on Immediate load, you will be charged $3 and the payment will be to your account within 2 hours but If you choose

Standard load, then you will be charged $1 and the payment will be to your side after 2 days.

Thanks & Regards,

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I am sorry I did’t got any mail like that any still not received my payment .Only I got these mails

So you see - you still didn’t attach your payoneer card to your fiverr account. Go by the instruction in the email.

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Dear, Your card is not yet attached to the Fiverr, Please follow the instructions provided in the email.

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Yes I followed steps via this mail to add my payneer account .After that I reqested my payment but fiverr says complete but payneer did’t receive any payment


Fiverr sayas complete payout

Contact fiverr CS immediately

Still not receive? It’s just not immediately seeing on the mail