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What is the difference between being paid in paypal or payoneer. When I joined and posted a gig, I saw no info on how one gets paid, how to link Fiverr account to a pay account.


When you withdrew your money every time paypal charge 0.2% and payneer charge only $1 for any amount of withdrewl…

after you sell your first order it will take 14 days to clear the money to withdrew, since the date of order completed…

Then you can withdrew money by this steps…

Sales > revenues > clicking ‘‘papal’’ button or fiverr revenue card’’ button.

If you haven’t open a payneer account yet…

you can create a account by this steps…

sales > revanues > click ‘’ fiverr revenue card’’ > fallow instructions.

Good luck!!!


thank you, zzuezz


You’r welcome… Best of luck!!!