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Payoneer Playing with me

I have been using payoneer since November 2015 and from then I had received many payment from Fiverr and other site as well,But recently when I transferred a little big amount from fiverr to Payoneer they Just instantly Locked My account and after 20 Days they notified me that my Payoneer account will cancelled within next 5 days and The amount I sent from fiverr that is not there and They just banned me lifetime for unknown reason,But I have need payoneer account to withdraw my money from Here and there,Please help me anyone from payoneer please I have badly Need a Payoneer account :frowning:

You’ll need to contact Payoneer support. I haven’t seen a Payoneer representative on the forum in a long time. Even if they saw this, they wouldn’t answer you on a forum, they would tell you to go to their website support page.

They are not helping me they just telling me for privacy reason they cancelled my account and the amount will be back to my Fiverr account :frowning:

Sorry to hear that. did you break any of their rules?

No I didn’t break any rules