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Payoneer problems?

Hi everyone!
Guys, who use Payoneer, do you see any problems with the website and App for the last few days?
I guess everyone remembers the recent problem with Payoneer, when people, who had cards, could’t use it.
Today I opened it - the account opened, but I can’t do anything, it is “loading”, again and again - I tried website and App, but it doesn’t work


I didn’t find any issue like that in payoneer. It’s better to contact their support.


Payoneer is working fine as well


@mithun2144 @sahrear_anik - thanks for reply, guys!
I contacted Payoneer support and they just informed me, that I have to fill out a Payoneer form for companies (and I’m not a company, but I have to do this, and add my fiverr link) and add my ID copy again.
I hope it will work normal, after I will do this


same problem again. errors to login