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Payoneer Promotion


I’m not sure where else to go with this question, as there isn’t really a category for it in contacting customer service and nothing really about it on the site. I received - as I’m sure many of you did - a promotional e-mail from Fiverr telling me to set up with Payoneer and withdraw $750 by the end of the year and get an extra $150. However I’m confused by the verbiage in the e-mail. it says " You’ll get $150 for the first $750 you withdraw to your New Payoneer account."

What’s really throwing me is the fact that “New” is in bold. I already have a Payoneer account, however it’s not attached to my Fiverr account, so before I go and set this up and withdraw $750, I need to know what that means - am I not eligible because I already have a Payoneer account? Or am I good to get this extra $150.

Also, how does the “Fiverr Revenue Card” option work with Payoneer? Does the money go to my Payoneer account, or directly on the card?


I don’t know the answer for the 1st question, but regarding the “Fiverr Revenue Card” when you click on the button the money will go to your Payoneer account and the card attached and you can either spend the money using your card or log in to the Payoneer account and send it to your attached bank account.

While when you click on “Bank Transfer” (from the Fiverr panel) the money will go via Payoneer to your bank account without asking (whole amount).


Thanks. I’m gonna try to sign up and see if I get the $150 extra.


I went through with the signup for the Fiverr Revenue Card, and got an e-mail from Payoneer verifying that I can still get the promotion:

" As a reward for being an active Payoneer account holder, you’ll receive a bonus of 150 USD to your account once you’ve received at least 750 USD in new payments"


I signed up for a new Payoneer account purely because of that promotion, actioned a transfer of about $1100, and nothing. No email about being eligible for the promotion. Nothing. Pretty upset because I pay way more in fees through payoneer. I’m here because I don’t know who I can contact about it.


Interesting. I received an e-mail as soon as I linked up my Payoneer and Fiverr accounts saying I’d get the $150 after receiving at least $750 in new payments. I put around $800 in the next day and still haven’t gotten the $150 bonus, but I at least got an e-mail saying I would get it, and that the promotion runs through Feb 11 2019. No idea why it didn’t work for you, hopefully someone will be able to answer :anguished:


Hi! I have been saving for this promotion but I have been using my Payoneer to withdraw funds for a while now. So I wonder if you know anything about this? Is the $150 for people who are withdrawing to Payoneer for the first time or for everyone?

Also, you mentioned the promotion is viable until February, but the email said we have until the 31st to withdraw, so could I wait until after the 31st to withdraw $750 and still get the $150 bonus?


Strange, I have never gotten anything about this promotion. Maybe it is just for US freelancers.


The original e-mail I received (which I do believe is the one you’re referring to with the December 31 date) does state that it’s for new Payoneer accounts, so I would imagine if you’re already withdrawing to one it would make you ineligible. The e-mail I referred to with the February 11 date was the one I received after I linked my Payoneer and Fiverr accounts. So far I’ve deposited over $1100 since I linked the accounts and haven’t gotten the bonus yet, though I’d imagine that was never going to be an instantaneous thing. I just wish there was an easier way to contact Fiverr support to ask questions regarding the promotion, because there hasn’t been much information as to how it actually is supposed to work from the e-mails.


I would venture to say that if anyone has any questions about this promotion that Payoneer’s customer support may be the best route. I was just in contact with them via Twitter regarding not having received the bonus immediately upon my qualifying deposit and they are looking into it. I’d imagine that they’d be able to answer any questions you guys have as well.