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Payoneer Services Unavailable

I’m trying to withdraw my funds now using bank transfer but the option is not available now. It says payoneer services are currently unavailable. Is some also experiencing this ?


I realized that I have the same problem.

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im also facing this issue ??? please anyone help us ?? to find the problem ?? :slight_smile: thanks

Yes. It’s currently unavailable. Really hope they’ll fix it soon…

I’m still waiting for the customer support to answer. I hope this get fixed asap.

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Do let us know when you hear from CS :slight_smile: So there’s no need to open further CS tickets.

Sure I will do that. Also please do the same .

I have also facing the issues.

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Mods need to pin this so people stop making the same thread again and again.

The problem has been resolved :slight_smile:


Same here. Back to normal now.