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Payoneer takes longer than usual to process the money


Hello, does anyone else experience this? The money from Fiverr takes longer to be send to my bank account through Payoneer. In the past it would take around 10 minutes but nowadays it takes a lot longer. Does it depend on the time of day I request the money to be sent to my bank account?

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Yeah I am getting this problem and also funds cleaning are not clearing on the day they have stated, which I am pretty sure must be illegal as this is fiverrs problem…The funds clearing into the bank account is payoneers problem but they do state 1-3 day, but if it’s over that I am sure that must be illegal too.


I was thinking that maybe the people working on it are not available or were not available at that time. But then again, I think this is an automated system so I am really wondering why this does take that long.