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Payoneer to fiverr transfer reverse

I’m having this issue that i mistakenly clicked bank transfer and all my money is on payoneer and I can’t access payoneer due to some bank issue, and i asked payoneer to reverse the transfer to fiverr, Is it possible? Any other options? Help!

Yeah Payoneer can reverse the transactions but they have some conditions on it . You can discuss this on live chat from payoneer help community . You will need to wait for almost 20 mins for your turn but live chat will give you all answers promptly .



As waqas said, Try to contact them through Live Chat and I am sure it would be reversed soon.

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I got this when asked to fiverr customer support.

Thank you for reaching out to Fiverr Support. Unfortunately, all withdrawals are considered final. Any funds that are added to your Fiverr account are intended to be used for Gigs/Orders on Only Earnings from Gigs sold are allowed to be transferred to you. Please contact Payoneer Customer Care as they may be better able to sort this out for you. Please click on this link to access Payoneer’s Support Center.