Payoneer to HBL late payment ISSUE


HI to all , I have the problem through to get the money from Payoneer to HBL . I transferred $5000 to my Local HBL account on 09/07/2018 but I did not receive it till yet. I asked to payoneer and they said we have sent your money on 09/07/2018. But local bank said we do not have any payment or in the pipe line. I also contacted with Pakistan remittance Dept. and they check tranfer ID + Transaction Id. But they are saying we do not have such transfer in our account . I really want this money on urgent basic. Any best possible solution ?

Arslan Ahmad


please contact to payoneer team through live chat.


Hi Ayeshamalik100 I contacted them with Live chat. And they said we sent your money . and this is the ******* transaction ID and Transfer ID…


Chat payoneer team again and say them i ask from my bank they are saying they are not getting any payment from payoneer so they will check again hope you will get payment.

It was same problem with me but that was skrill to National bank after some struggle i got my payment.


Payoneer isn’t safe. I got my payoneer account hacked and an international bank stole my money once. It was 600GBP. Since then I’m no longer using this service.

Good Luck @arslanbhatti016 .


Both HBL and Payoneer do not have outstanding services. I ll advise you to change both. UBL i would suggest. However i am myself wondering what can be a good third party transaction system for freelancers in PAKISTAN. Please suggest if anyone knows about a legitimate third party money transfer service.



I had a similar issue and got my payment after 60 days.

Ask them to issue a tracking team and also ask Standard Charted because almost all international payments pass through SC.

We should be thankful that we do have Payoneer that give us the ease to get our payments just in a matter of a few clicks. Their services are outstanding as compared to what we already have in our country.
We can only hope for Paypal to provide their services in our country but I do not see that happening any time sooner.


Hi Junaid Thanks for the answser , I talked to Payoneer again through Live Chat and they said we are passing the concerned issue to the related team and they will contact you as soon as possible. My questions to you
1- I should ask from Payoneer to tracking the payment?
2- And I do not have Standard charter bank in Kasur. So , I go to another city or can call them ?


Yes, If you mention to Payoneer CS that you want to Track you payment, They will confirm from you either you really want to proceed or not. Just ask them to do so as soon as possible because tracking takes about a week.

I would highly suggest that you call them and talk to them through a phone call. Once you call them, they will assign you with a support representative.

Wait for the tracking information from the Payoneer to come first. Once you have the tracking info, you can contact SC through a phone. But visiting in your nearest branch would be better.


Thanks Junaid … I will do like that.


Thanks to all , Finally got my money after 9 days… Thanks