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Payoneer transaction charges

Hi, to all members of Fiverr.
I have some questions to share with you.

  1. How many transaction charges of Fiverr? (Payoneer)
  2. Is there any charges of Payoneer to your local bank transfer.
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as much i know -

  1. $3 on every withdrawal from Fiverr to Payoneer (instant)
  2. No charges - take upto week or 2 (maybe)

Payoneer to Local Bank -

  1. what they say minimum 300 (dollar - euro - etc)

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thanks, the brother for your guidance.

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Don’t know much about it. But got the answer from the answers commented here.

I withdrew some funds from my Fiverr account to my payoneer account recently - but nothing was deducted and the cash transferred almost immediately.
I am new here and this part is not clear to me.