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Payoneer Users & paypal Users

I have some amount in my account, around $400 and I want to withdraw them. Since I am from pakistan so paypal doesn’t work here. I have applied for payoneers master card and haven’t received yet. I have already contacted payoneers officials and they have sent me another card which will be delivered in couple of weeks.

I just want to know few things from the users, both payoneer and paypal users.

For Paypal Users:

  1. I want to withdraw my money to a friends paypal account, who’s residing in USA. Is it possible that I can change that paypal account in future, like if I have my own paypal account in future, will I be able to transfer funds to my own account instead of the first paypal account.
  2. what are the initial charges if I activate a paypal account and transfer the money?
  3. Does fiverr charges if I switch paypal account.

For payoneer Users:

  1. What are the initial charges?
  2. suppose If I transfer $200 from fiverr to payoneer and then withdraw them from from an ATM, how much cash should I receive after all the chages.
  3. How is payoneer to use in pakistan?

I will be thankful if you answer me with honest answers. Thank you


Well you will be able to change the paypal account added by going to settings. you will be asked to provide the answer to your security question. After which you will be able to add a new paypal address. but not your account would be deactivated for withdrawals for 24 hours. Am sorry that’s is all i can help you with.
Good Luck