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Payoneer withdrawal added but can't bank transfer

I have added payoneer to my fiverr today, but when I click to the bank transfer option, it doesn’t send me any email to confirm the withdraw.

Should I wait 24 hours or is there a problem?

add you bank account with your payoneer and transfer you money from fiverr to payoneer through fiverr revenue card. it will take 3 working days and money will be in your payoneer account.
now its up to you,if you want to withdraw it from bank account or through your payoneer mastercard.

Payoneer doesn’t send you email confirmation immediately you’ll need to wait few more hours

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if your money is still in your fiverr account then nothing any action from fiverr i advice you always transfer money to your payoneer card then fiverr will send money to payoneer and then load money on payoneer card and send to your bank account.

I have withdraw to payoneer 2 days ago. But the funds are still pending in payoneer and under review. How long it take to approve the funds?

However, I have open a new account and receive a email from the approval department(Payoneer) and they ask me for further info. about billing address, which I have provided in the reply of that email. Is everything Okay?


yes its okay…its takes 3 to 5 working days transfer from fiverr to payoneer normally in 3 days your funds are transfer but if there are holidays than count after holidays…

How many days payoneer take to transfer in bank?

24 to 48 hrs if there is not holiday…did you receive payoneer mastercard??i mean your account is activated…

I added my new Payoneer on Fiverr. But when I try to withdraw my money then Payoneer reject. I dont understood whats problems happends.

Please let me confirm that withdrawal in progress is fiverr showing me. Can you tell me how many days will it take transfer fiverr payment into Payoneer account? I am really worried. :frowning_face:

@imran277 any massage is given…and what option do you use in fiverr for transfer money…

@adeelasami its takes 5 working days to transfer in your payoneer account but normally in 3 working days your money is in your payoneer account if there is not holiday…

@rizwansb thanks for your reply. OK if I transfer today from Fiverr in payoneer account then money will be in after 5 working days because of the Saturday & Sunday Is that correct?

yes your are right…one thing more your can’t withdraw less than 20$ from fiverr and when you select with you got an email for confirm there you will be ask that you want to immediate load which cost 3 $ from you and your money will be in transfer in 24hrs and the other option is standard which cost 1$ and your money will be transfer in 3 working days as i tell you.
every time i select standard it effortable…

Thanks for your help i’ll ask you again if any issue. :slight_smile:

anytime sure…:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Hello There,

I have added my payoneer to my fiverr id, and payoneer confirmed me that I can get payment from fiverr, but when I tried to withdraw my money, from fiverr or when I click fiverr revenue card to withdraw it, fiverr sending me a confirmation code only, and when I submit the code, but no mail sent to me regarding withdraw matter,

My money remains still in my fiverr account. So, Can someone help me regarding this issue please, what do I do about this. Should I have to contact or just wait some days?


When I click fiverr revenue card for adding payoneer account then after get started I am face error continuosly

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