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Payoneer withdrawal button gone ?!

Hi guys and girls… is anyone experiencing the same problem ? The button was available an hour ago and now I can withdraw only to paypal

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here is payoneer Withdraw Button. i alws Click here for Withdrawn.

Yep it seems to disappear at times. They are fixing it. Don’t worry.

Is it temporary problem?

Should be, though this time it’s taking longer to resolve.

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the magic button is back again :smiley:

Same problem here. The Payoneer button disappeared!

any one having problems i cant withdraw its telling me network error what is this pls its awful

I have same issue :confused:

Yes, same is here I can’t see the Payoneer option there. I hope it ll be fixed soon …

Same thing happening here! I got a message “Withdrawals have been temporarily halted with this account. We are working hard to resolve this issue. Please bear with us.”

Reported to CS, and they said my account was fine, and “clear your cache and cookies.” I did so.

I went back a few minutes later, and I could no longer see an withdrawal option to make a Bank Transfer.

Not what I call progress in fixing the issue. I do hope this is resolved soon.

Same here. Hope this will fix soon

Same here… OMG!
Only paypal is working

Yes having the same issue.

I just received the same boilerplate reply from CS. They are aware of the issue and are working on it. They also recommend to clear cache and cookies, and use Google Chrome (which in this case does nothing, BTW).

I guess we’ll have to wait!

same issue here. :cry:

Same here hope they will solve the issue soon.

same issue missing bank transfer button

Same problem here. I hope this issue is resolved as soon as possible because its taking forever already.

Hi, everyone!
This morning the issue was fixed. Hopefully for everyone.