Payooneer issue with payment


Hi Fiverr community …I am new to withdrawal on Fiverr I haven’t done it before… So I signed up for the normal payooneer bank transfer (not the card)… So I initiated a transfer from my Fiverr account and it was successful. So I logged into my payooneer account and the transfer isn’t reflecting there… It is showing pending. Please how long does it take to complete, so I can transfer to my bank account


Hi brown-jon,
It takes 4 Business days to complete this withdraw process to your local bank. Moreover, your funds won’t be shown in your Payoneer account balance but you will only receive an email of funds transfer. Keep checking your local bank account and hopefully you will have recieved your money within 4 business days.


Thank you so much… I just received an email …But $15 for transfer fee :pensive:… Is that for every transfer or it depends on the amount


Really? :scream:
It cost only $2 per withdraw in my country!