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Payooner Hack issues

I think fiverr needs to do something about payooner card hacking. I understand the fact that payooner is a third party payment gateway provider but if these hacks keep happening, sellers would get discouraged about the whole fiverr idea. Have been discussing this on various fiverr forums but am yet to get a reasonable solution to these hacks. What can be done?

what hacks can you explain more ?

yes, what hacks are you talking about? To your Payoneer card/account specifically or to your Fiverr account balance?

Unless someone is hacking fiverr specifically, i think this is a problem that payoneer needs to take care of. Just like if someone hacks paypal, paypal is the one that needs to take care of it. how can another company fix another company’s problem?

@customrapsongs I think fiverr needs to create it’s own custom payment gateway instead of using a third party less secure gateway “payooner”. I once read a post from a fiverr forum on a particular blog. What actually happened was that the guy’s card was hacked and about $450 was withdrawn from his account(hacker location was india). He contacted payooner and they put him on hold for 90 days. Afterwards, they said they can’t refund the money. Even when they reached an agreement to refund, they refunded $355 instead. Is that not unfair? We make money from fiverr and they keep taking 20% from every earning. Even if you get tipped by a buyer, fiverr still takes 20% share of your tip. We sellers deserve full protection, don’t we?

This is why Fiverr should consider other newer options into their system. Services like Transpay have improved security, as well as they are faster and cheaper.