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Payout takes two weeks?


Can anyone please tell me why it takes 14-17 days to get our money cleared by Fiverr to withdraw to our Paypal account? Considering money exchanged here is (probably) not hundreds of dollars, there’s really no reason it should take that long. It’s really ridiculous. I hope to get a legit answer about this from someone, not some smart-ass remark. It doesn’t seem like anyone else really minds or is complaining about this.


It’s to create a substantial time period where any buyer/seller issues that crop up after the fact can be resolved with the ability to reimburse the buyer their money if necessary.

Five dollars times a few dozen problems a day (which would be a small percentage of the actual problems Fiverr has to deal with) makes it smart business to hang onto the money to facilitate an instant resolution.


It’s to protect Fiverr’s interests of course.

In my case I got multiple orders from one buyer ($65 total). I wrote the articles as requested, delivered them and the order was marked complete.

10 days later, the buyer files a dispute with PayPal to get his money back…Fiverr stands up and fits for me right? NOPE! They take the money from my Fiverr account and don’t even bother to shoot an email to PayPal letting them know this guy is scamming me!

Fiverr supports buyers 100% and sellers 0%. It is unfortunate.


I believe crcanny is correct and I’d assume it’s also to give Fiverr ® an opportunity to earn interest on the funds it holds. That’s the usual way these types of businesses work. And no, it’s probably not 100s of dollars - with all the transactions taken in total - it’s more like millions.


Wow, if you three are right about this then I don’t know how long I’ll actually stay with Fiverr. If a buyer marks his order as “complete” then that should release the seller from any further obligation. “Complete” = Satisfied. Sounds like a scam on a huge level going on here.


Reply to @robshaffer: Let’s say a buyer orders 5,000 likes from “real people, not bots” from a seller, but about a week later, those 5,000 likes disppear or are banned by Facebook/Twitter or whatever because, lo and behold, they are 'bots. The seller obviously lied and the buyer might want his money back, because when he hit ‘complete’ he had no idea he was being scammed until a week later.

That money is held onto as insurance against cases like that, and yes, it’s protecting the Fiverr corp from being sued by angry customers. The person who opens the wallet and hands over the money is always right and in charge, that’s the way commerce works.


I’m assuming it is all about protection and ensuring that sellers are all providing legit services and aren’t a “fly by night” operation. Once you’ve gotten past the initial 14 day hold period and are making consistent sales, it really isn’t a big deal. Under promise and over deliver to your customers and always ensure that they are having the best experience possible to limit the amount of chargebacks or disputes.


Reply to @robshaffer: I don’t understand what you see as a scam. Explain please? It’s not any different to a “return policy”. If a product is faulty or not as ‘advertised’, like in crcanny’s example, the buyer should be able to get a refund.

robshaffer said: If a buyer marks his order as "complete" then that should release the seller from any further obligation. "Complete" = Satisfied. Sounds like a scam on a huge level going on here.
Nope, sorry buddy, it doesnt work that way. Buyers can come back and cancel an order at any time, even after completed. They can ask for refund even after they take your product. They can leave negative feedback even months after the order is done. These are all pitfalls of dealing and selling on here. Strap yourself in and get ready to deal with that stuff and many hours of frustration. Its par for the course here. The alternative is like you said, don't sell here. Think of it as the cost of doing business.
seatbelt99 said: Fiverr's interests of course.

Wow, ok...I thought I saw a different phrase there for a minute. Made me do a double take.


@itsyourthing: It depends on what the seller is selling. I could understand in cases like what @crcanny talked about, that money should be held until everything clears. But in my case, I’m selling retouched photos. The buyer instantly gets the finished product. If the buyer is not happy then they’d let me know, I’d fix it, send it back and we’d keep repeating this until they’re satisfied. It’s impossible that I could scam the buyer. Even if I outsourced my work, the buyer is still getting what they asked for. So, like I said, it seems like a scam for people like me for Fiverr to hold money for that long.

Plus, what if one of my buyers completes an order and then later on decides to file a complaint to get their money back (actually scamming me because they now have what they asked for and they liked it)? I could see this as being possible. There should be some protection for the seller here as well. In fact, I’ve already been scammed by someone messenging me and sending me 2 photos, bypassing the “purchase my gig” route. It was my first gig. I quickly learned that I was had and I haven’t made the same mistake again.

Again, in regards to the service I’m providing, the buyer has instant gratification and thereby instant approval or refusal to “complete” my job. If they approve then there should be no basis for dispute at a later time. AND, if for some reason there is, I’ve stated in my description that I’ll work with them until they’re happy and get what they want.


Well yes, everything you say makes sense, but unfortunately if you play in Fiverr’s playground you have to play by their rules.

beatcraigslist hits the nail on the head. It can be incredibly frustrating to work through here; the only slight consolation is that the gigs are small and you can only get messed over in $5 increments.

Best of luck to you - just try and remember “it is what it is” and don’t expect more than that. :slight_smile:


True that, itsyourthing. True that. :slight_smile: