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PayPal Account Attachment

Hi Everyone
Is there any problem if I attach 2 of my account with single PayPal account?
Obvious 2 of my accounts for the different job.
I will be very pleased if you share your view/experience.

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You can only have one Fiverr account - do you have more than one account?


Oh, My God. You are not allowed to use 2 fiverr Acocunt

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  1. You can only have one Fiverr account, otherwise you’re violating Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and risk getting all of your accounts banned.

  2. No, you can’t use one PayPal account for two different Fiverr accounts. Trying to do it might get both Fiverr accounts banned.


I can already see an additional “Ranting Pot” thread titled “ACCOUNT DISABLED FOR NO REASON! So unfair!” incoming.

Please, read:

And make sure you fully adhere to it’s rules before you get your Account restricted and all of your hard work and reviews (if any) lost.


Actually, i have a team more than 5 members from a different sector. And I am trying to manage all of them. That’s why. And they are doing well.
Please suggest me what need to do now.

Contact Customer Support and ask them for advice.

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I wonder why are you keeping two account if you can achieve what you want to do in just 1 account.

Keeping multiple account is an offense on fiverr.

If you are a buyer, there is the team account beta feature.

Please contact fiverr support and deactivate your one account