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PayPal Account button turned gray - not clickable :(


Hi there,my Paypal account button turned gray and it’s not interactive. Frustrated…

I have orders in the que but i suspect either i get paid or not. I have also written to fiverr support many times but not luck. I also tried another paypal email, nothing happened after 24 hours.

Anyone facing the same problem? My funds piling up day by day. I am very much tensed, all days and nights i used to refresh the page but it the problem is still on.

Anyone there, please help me out.


If you search the forum you can find several threads like your.

The only way for you is file a ticket on Customer Support and wait for their answer.


Hi, i have tried to contact CS but no luck :frowning:

What’s the reason behind? Bug?


I am waiting, but i can’t focus on the my work, doubtful.


@kjblynx thank for the suggestion.

It’s not working to me.


Reply to @jayden_designs: Possible sign in with a different computer and try different browsers.

Best Of Luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys


Hey! We just posted about this. We’re having the same problem. We submitted to customer support yesterday and are waiting to hear back. The problem is, we need the funds pretty bad right now to pay our rent…and I’m getting really worried. Let us know if it starts working for you!


Reply to @jayden_designs: I know how you feel. Have they gotten back to you yet? It’s a bad feeling to know you’re completing orders and you’re not sure if you’ll even see the payout. :frowning:


not working for me too… how do I send a ticket to customer support?


The CS fix it. Thanks to CS team.

They want to verify my account, it’s working abs fine, yeahhh

Thanks fiverr


Reply to @kjblynx: it not a bug, i got a reply from CS and they want me to send them previous account history to authenticate my account, it’s working perfect now, :slight_smile: