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Paypal Account Changed Itself

Hello everyone, my name is Kira

I would like to tell you my big problem

Today, I got to mail from fiverr

First mail came at 12:13am, it said that the withdrawing is succesful

It succesful withdrawn to a new email address that is not connected to paypal (I used it as my fiverr account), it must have a Withdrawal Confirmation mail to withdraw it, right? But NO, it suddenly succesfully withdrawn

Second mail was came at 12:20am, it confirmed that the paypal account had been changed

WEIRD, it’s really weird, I had contacted the CS, and she said that fiverr can not guarantee the collection of the funds that were withdrawn

I am so depressed with it cos I had try to be professional in Fiverr, sold lot of items, but then I was got nothing

Does somebody ever got the same problem? Please share something, I feel so tired to work here anymore, I want to cancel all of orders



Reply to @site2noob: it was hacked, maybe :’(

Reply to @emeraldawnn: Hi there, thanks very much for your response

Yes I had change all the password with lot of characters

Yes I think I ad to be ready say good bye to it

I will wait the next withdraw, if still being hacked, I will say goodbye to fiverr too :frowning:

Reply to @alifia: check the history of both fiverr & paypal accounts again, you’ll find if your money was withdrawned or not (in case you were hacked)

else, try with the support again.

Good luck sist.

What it sounds like is that your fiverr account got hacked… You need to do some serious password changes, like now! Run a virus scan on your computer too. And, as you have done, stay in touch with CS. I’m not going to say for sure but I don’t see you getting your monies back into the account from the PP account it was withdrawn too. Might as well kiss them goodbye. I could be wrong BUT… from what I hear from other sellers this has happened to, it’s almost a certainty.

Good luck.

Reply to @site2noob: hi there, thanks very much for responding

It’s getting complicated, CS ask me to send any ID (passport / government)

And ask this paypal transaction ID (how can I send it? I didn’t get any mail from paypal that confirmed how much money I had withdraw, I guess fiverr took it, but doesn’t it silly?)

I had try to register the email address to paypal which money sent to it, but nothing there

If fiverr can’t solve it, I will really quit


at first I want say that you do a great job, so keep it please (here or anywhere)

about your withdraws, contact the support again, I assume a website like Fiverr wont’t let a talented user like that :slight_smile: unless they’ve a gap (in the website)

good luck. :slight_smile:


Reply to @alifia: you are not alone, my account was hacked on 8th march and you can read what happened with me here

Reply to @vikiana: oh my GOd, so this is a hacking :’(

thanks for sharing vikiana, maybe I should say goodbye to it and be more secure with password, thank you very much


I got hacked like this too on March 22…

I don’t want to leave fiverr because its all I have but that means I have to pay the fee every time I withdraw in small amounts just to protect myself from being hacked again.

Meaning fiverr will get more from me instead of just $1 whenever I withdraw.

And with CS doing nothing/blaming the victims, I think something is going on here… >:(

Reply to @niallers: yes, CS can’t gurantee that the money will back, and that is suck, they should improve their security, and for precaution, I plan to do the same thing, withdraw in small amount, so that it will be safe in my paypal account

Reply to @niallers: I’m tired with fiverr, this is my second time in 2 months, always having problems with withdrawal, can’t be proceed after I click the confirmation link,what should I do, I just want to withdraw in small amount :’(

Hi alfia,

Today one of friend got an massage in his inbox with a link of a campaign called fiver vote 2014. The link diverted into a site which was as same as fiverr and asked for contact details and everything. After providing these data, after few hours he told me that his account was hacked, his money was withdrawn and his email and passwords were changed too. he then logged in with his facebook integration but the damage has been already done. I have posted a discussion about it on fiverr forum already. I urge everyone to take extra caution about such scam and fraudulent inbox massages. And fiverr should take drastic measure to secure our accounts from such scam.Thanks for sharing the problem with all.

Reply to @alifia: Right now, my funds aren’t clearing… its says March 25, its already 26 but its still listed as “pending clearance”.

I also don’t know what to do, CS also hasn’t replied to me yet…ugh

Reply to @niallers: yes, CS did not reply my complain, and my revenue getting bigger, and I hate it to be stolen again, I loved to work in fiverr, but if they can’t secure us seller, it will worst

Reply to @sajjad_anik: Hi sajjad_anik, yes fiverr’s security being down lately for several months, I will consider to continue work here, because it’s really not safe here, and CS sometimes not support us as seller

Fiverr doesn’t allow buyers & sellers to exchange contact information-including URL’s- and go off site, and one of the reasons is that if you run into a problem off-site (as in clicking a link inside a message) THEY CAN’T HELP YOU! And because you go away from Fiverr to another site, there is no way that any anti-viral scan on Fiverr’s part will prevent it from happening. You should NEVER click on links or open files from messages from people you don’t know or that are unsolicited.

You can go to your favorite search engine, put in ‘how to avoid being hacked’ or ‘how to prevent phishing’ and educate yourself. Learning how to deal with this AFTER it’s happened can be heartbreaking (and as you’ve discovered, expensive). Hackers are going to flock to any site that is popular, successful, and has large amounts of monetary transactions, which means hackers will flock to Fiverr. But Fiverr is not a babysitter, and they can’t stop you from stepping into traps. And if you go off-site or open files without running an anti-viral scan first, you are on your own.