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Paypal Account withdrawals option isn't working

I don’t know what happened to Paypal Account withdrawals option. It’s grayed out and not working. What can I do now?. I contacted CS (on May 31) and report my issue. But yet I didn’t get any updates from CS. Is there anyone having faced this problem? Please help me!


Also this bug isn’t fixed yet.

It’s clearly an issue they are aware about. I have the same issue, and it seems many others are experiencing this problem. I also contacted support, and I’m awaiting a reply. Probably we won’t get one until the issue is fixed.

It sucks, but I get that they are having technical difficulties. Yet, it’s strange to say “disabled for this account”. That makes it seem like something is specifically wrong with our account. I have no idea why this is going on.

I have the same problem, too!

I agree with you. when I see that issue first time, I also thought there was a problem with my paypal account. I checked my paypal account and contacted the paypal CS. They said that my paypal account haven’t any problem, and they confirmed my account running well.

Did you contact fiverr CS?

I think I solved the issue!

Check if your PayPal email is the same as your account email. I had a different email address as my Paypal than the one used for my Fiverr account. Once I changed my account email to match my PayPal email the Paypal button was reactivated.

I have the same problem too :frowning:

Mr. smashradio have a solution. Try that.

It worked for me, but someone else said the problem persists even though the address is the same. It might just be the update itself that did the trick. Would love to hear from you guys if it worked or not.

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Oh really, it’s nice to hear. But In mine both email addresses are the same.

Yeah someone else had this issue too. I asked if they could just update the address to a different one and then back again, as it might just be the update action itself that solves the issue.

Then, I’ll try that. Thank you.

You can have more than one email associated with your Paypal account so you could first try adding an additional email, the one that is the same as your fiverr email, to your Paypal account and see if that fixes it.

I did a PP withdrawal and it worked. Although, I remember seeing other people having issues with the button being grayed out. It’s an annoying bug! :bug:

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u have to fix your paypal legal agreement with paypal :joy: :joy: :joy: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

can you please tell me how to?

naluchi Try this. He said It worked for him.

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My problem is over now. I didn’t do anything. So, I think that bug was fixed by them.

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