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Paypal amount a lot less than Fiverr withdrawal amount

I just made my first withdrawal into my paypal account from fiverr. The amount available to for me to withdraw was $322

My paypal account says payment received is only £250.

I understand there is a conversion rate from Dollars to UK Sterling, but I used three different online conversion calculators and they all came up with £259.65 give or take a few pennies.

I worked hard to earn that money so I am not too pleased to see that even more money has been eaten away from what I received.

Does anyone know why I am missing that $9 ??

I don’t know why but they are messing up the withdrawals.

They have an agreement with PayPal to no charge the sellers the fee for receiving the money from fiverr, now during quarantine they have limits for withdraw. I have two years in fiverr and never they put me limits with the withdraws. Now if I have $250 I only can withdraw $200 and receive $196. Today I want to withdraw $50 and only allow me to withdraw $20!

What is happening?

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Another issue I have now is that paypal is not transferring the full amount.
They made an initial £0.01 transfer as a test into my personal bank account but then when I tried to follow that with the full balance, their webpage blanked out with a message saying “We’re sorry, we couldn’t confirm it’s you.”
I had already received an email from them saying that I could transfer unlimited amounts so something is wrong somewhere. There is no one available to speak to on their phone lines, due to C-virus lack of personnel, just automated phone options that don’t apply to the issue.

So I decided to try my own 1penny transfer and it worked!
Hey hey, I can transfer the whole £250 a penny at a time??? Even though they told me there was no limit to what I can transfer, there obviously is a limit and now I have to do even more work to find out what that limited amount is.

As if it’s not enough to do the work on a gig in the first place without having to wait two weeks for payment and then fight to get it through the banking systems. This has taken me pretty much all day and it’s really quite stressful as I need that 250 and it’s mine and I earned it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for getting the gig in the first place. It payed me $400 including a very generous tip and lot of actual work went into completing it. It was not easy money earned quick. It took a tonne of hours to get done and it was also good to do.
My customer was very pleased with the outcome and gave me the 5 star glowing review so as a new seller, first gig, I consider that a great start and a win win for both me and my customer.

But when I see that my $400 converted to into only £250 in an account that I can’t easily access, plus yet another whole days work trying to access my money, it makes me wonder if it was all worth it.

Online conversion calculators has a better conversion rate than PayPal. PayPal is charging higher rates for conversion.


Yes and what use are they if paypal make up their own mind what amount to make available to you?

Do you know if there is a set conversion rate that paypal use?

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Now fiverr has issue or bug in payments also :frowning:

I think it would be good if you spoke in support of this

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Every payment providers have their advantages and disadvantages. For examples banks are charging high commission if you are sending money to someone and especially abroad but they have better conversion rate.
With PayPal you have 90% lower commission for money transfers but PayPal is charging higher rates on conversion.
Different payment providers makes money in different ways.

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