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Paypal and Bitcoin Which do you Prefer

A buyer that wants to buy my gig contacted me,he said paypal and Bitcoin which one is preferable to use in purchasing gig on Fiverr,can you give suggestion?

It should be completely up to the buyer because he isn’t paying you directly. The buyer pays Fiverr then Fiverr pays you, so it doesn’t matter how the buyer pays.

I would not suggest anything to your buyer if I were you. I would tell him that it is something he should decide. If you give him a recommendation either way and something goes wrong, he might leave you a lesser review or otherwise give you problems. When it comes to the purchase part, let the buyer and Fiverr handle it (and never go through an outside-Fiverr payment) for your own safety.

@fonthaunt,thanks for your candid statement,I hope you will be my mentor here,i just joined recently,and need people like you for Guidance on how to be a Great seller here.

@fonthaunt, very nice suggestion dear, i will also care about that thanks again :slight_smile:

I agree, do not answer this question, in fact the buyer should not be asking you about anything as they are not paying you directly, they are paying Fiverr. So please be careful about any potential buyer asking you about money issues as it is against the terms of use to go outside of Fiverr to pay for a gig. Talking about which is best may make Fiverr think that is what you are trying to do.