PAYPAL and Fiver Revenue Card buttons not clickable


Really strange… Both buttons (PAYPAL and Fiver Revenue Card ) not clickable… (Never happened like this before).
I am only one have this problem? Maybe someone did same problem?


I had that problem with my bank deposit button, it was due to my application not fully being processed yet with Payoneer. Not sure why it would be like that with paypal/revenue card, have you used them before? Maybe somethings up with your accounts?


Omg I also have the same problem now.I just message the fiverr now.Wow this is really not good. I am dealing now with the customer support @pilanime80


OF course i used them 4 years :wink: Did work perfectly all this time.


Hm, maybe it’s on Fiverr’s end! Try contacting CS :smile:


Yeah… So mean fiverr site problem … That really very bad… (((


i had open ticked already… Sent CS message already… They said need clean cache cookes of Chrome etc…
Doesn’t help… Don’t think it problem in Browser.


This is already happening since last week! And they keep saying everything is ok! Hopefully they can fix this right away.


hahah Everything Okay? Hmmm doesn’t looks like everything okay … That really NOT okay :disappointed_relieved:


They did told me the same but it did not work for me.Last time I tricked it with the fiverr app and I was able to withdraw via app but now it’s also greyed out and not clickable.


Fiverr App not allowed withdraw from App :wink: I checked also… On App said need use PC browser for withdraw


That is weird you are now allowed to withdraw via app? I am able to do that.but the case now is.It’s not just us who are experiencing this.I have two large amounts of withdrawal that I can’t withdraw.Just waiting for their reply.I also tried it with three different laptops.It’s still the same.It’s really fiverr’s problem I believe.


I understand the frustration, sometimes Fiverr CS doesn’t help at all. I’ve had to turn to the forum many times. Hopefully someone on here can help more!


Yeah… And that really BAD! I think a lot of sellers got that problems.
But i will really surprised if someone doesn’t have this problem right now…

Can someone check this buttons now? (right now)…??


pitanmie80 I just checked it now! It turns blue Thank God! Wait I will inform you what happens.I will try to send the money.Check yours now maybe its working


I can withdraw now back.It’s back in the blue color after 1 week…Hopefully it stays like this.Let us know how it goes for you


Hmmmmm really strange… Mine still not active ((( why?


Try to clear cache. If it’s not working try to contact CS. They surely give you a solution.
Good luck…


Have you tried messaging them now? because the customer support I just talked now he said it should be already resolve by now.Try communicating with them again.They message me like after 5 mins after I followed up.


Yeah i was message them it few mins ago…
But problem still the same. (((