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PayPal AND Payoneer withdrawal buttons greyed out (disabled) - despite having funds

I have enough funds to either withdraw to PayPal or Payoneer card, but both buttons are greyed out and I cannot withdraw anything. Anybody having this issue? I tried with other Browsers (thinking that this was some Firefox issue), but it is all the same. Please help. I need those funds.

It happened to me too. Contact support. It seems to be a bug

Thank you my friend! I just did. I thought that this could be a general problem that was affecting the site today, that is why I posted it here. Wish you good Gig business :slight_smile: and a nice weekend.

Just to let others know: this issue was solved by Customer Support. Super fast and friendly. I do like the support that Fiverr gives, so far I only had good experiences. I know how it is to work behind a Help Desk (I did IT support for a corporation) and this is no easy job! Wish you all a nice weekend. :slight_smile: