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Paypal balance

Hi can someone tell me how long should i wait for my money to get in paypal ? All my money on fiverr were available , all my funds were cleared . I also received an email that said withdrawal successful.


It should appear instantly.
I could be wrong so someone correct me if I am.

Fiverr Customer Support

I think you should check your PayPal account?

The amount will appear instantly

It take only 1-2 minutes to appear in Paypal balance.

Re: Paypal
It should clear within a few minutes

Make sure you had the correct Paypal email selected since Fiverr can’t change this nor do they have any capability to withdraw funds once it’s cleared. That’s the reason Fiverr has a warning message to indicate these measures.

Usually it appears instantly but I have had up to a 30 minute wait a couple of times.

My money on fiverr are not 0 it didnt change

It will change usually in half an hour or less. It takes fiverr this much time to change it to 0.