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PayPal business account needed?


Hi guys so I want to make a fiverr acccount where I can sell my services. So I was wondering if I snake a new debit card with another bank and set it up from there? Because I also want to make my own website and sell other services there. Is a business account needed ? Do I have to tell my bank ?


I am lost here what do you mean? :thinking:


I mean make* do I have to tell my new bank that i should make a business account ? I’m only 18


I see that you are from U.K and as far as I know, you do not need to tell your bank to create a business account.

As for the tax purposes maybe someone from U.K can shed some further light on this.


If you’re just setting up a PayPal business account, which can be used on Fiverr and elsewhere, you don’t need a business bank account as well, just an ordinary current account will do,

Hope this helps!


Okay thank you so much. Do I have to signup under a PayPal business account or would a personal account be fine :slight_smile:


Thank you my friend for the help. Appreciate the help


Yup. No problem. :thumbsup:


If you want to use PayPal on Fiverr only, a personal account is fine.


Ok thank you. I was planning to make a website where I can sell additional social media services. So wasn’t too sure if I am meant to create a business PayPal account or a personal one.


If you want to sell on an external website as well, then a PayPal business account might suit you better, but again, only a personal current bank account is needed.