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Paypal Buttom Is Greyed Out

I have contacted fiverr support and no one is helping me. Fiverr has my money and there is no way for me to get it. They want my drivers license, transaction numbers, paypal email addresses. What’s going on? Why all these hoops to jump through to get the money I earned? I have never had a problem with reaching customer support but now it’s going on a week and this is still not resolved. How can I get my money out?

Is there an event that prompted the grayed paypal button? Like did you get hacked or something? Were you able to withdraw before? It could be that your paypal account itself has the problem. Not sure. :frowning:

i have same problem, and many of us too (look older post)… so i suspend my gig until fiverr fix this…

did you ever get this handled, my account is the same way and i contact support but no resolution.

uh oh my PayPal button is greyed out too.