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Paypal button grayed out after I received refund from seller

So I had a guy made me a website and he took wayyy longer than he initially said and he refunded the money to my account. The problem is that I am also a seller and I want to withdraw those money, but my Paypal button is grayed out. Is there a reason for that? How long will it stay grayed out? Or I need to contact the customer support?

I know they gray that out when you want to change your paypal account, but here it doesn’t say anything. Can someone help?

I forgot to say he refunded 15 gigs.

Noone can help you here but Fiverr support.

Write them and be ready to wait a (quite) long time; you could be asked to provide your personal IDs and other stuff to prove you’re really the owner of the account.

Good luck!

Thanks. I contacted support, they told me to send the ID and stuff, but after I did that, more than 1 day ago, they still didn’t answer. I think I need to listen to Mark and prepare for a long wait…