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Paypal button greyed out?

hey guys. ANother super seller here posting a comment haha ( I’m a boaster isn’t it?)

But yea, I’ve been trying to withdraw my available funds using the paypal gateway and the paypal button in my financial dashboard is greyed out! WHY???

This hasn’t happened to me anytime… Any suggestions/approximations/help will be appreciated.



If you just took one minute to search forum before posting a new discussion, you would have found dozens threads like this.

You must politely contact Customer Support, wait for them to answer (average time now seems to be 72 hours) and be ready to provide some personal ID.

oops. yup you’re right. lesson learnt!

Top rated sellers are wise :slight_smile:

Reply to @profitgroup: I’m just older than you here :smiley:

Reply to @mark74: yup, But i think fiverr has stopped paypal withdrawals for Indians…

That’s what i read seeing other posts. I’ve successfully withdrawn more than $1000 i the past 2-3 months and I think this is a huge blow for Indian sellers like me, since bank transfers take long, unlike paypal where the transfer is done in 3 days with just 2% fees… :frowning:

Reply to @profitgroup: for what I know transfer have been locked for many users for security reasons…

Reply to @mark74: Okaaay… How about yours? yeah i see "withdrawals have been disabled for this account… bla bla"

I’m starting to get concerned… I have lots of funds clearing and if something’s wrong…

I’ll be kicking hard myself

Reply to @profitgroup: listen, there are several threads like your and result is the same: you have to wait for Customer Support to answer and be ready to provide personal IDs.

okay I have submitted the request 3 days back… looks like due to high volume, they’re taking more time… but I’m waiting patiently.

Got this fixed. Finally!! :smiley:

Reply to @profitgroup:

How did you get it fixed? I am having the same problem actually.

Thank you