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PayPal button is gray, what's going on?

I’m freaking out because i need to withdraw my earnings and Fiverr isn’t letting me. I click on the gray button (which used to be green) and nothing happens. What’s going on? I had that problem yesterday, today’s the same. I don’t want the Fiverr Revenue Card. I need cash in my bank account! OMG.

I read about this gray paypal button all the time. I’m curious if anyone knows what causes it and if you had that problem, how did you get it fixed?

Reply to @bachas85: Are you sure? The reason I ask is because there are two different things I read about.

  1. I read on the forum some members report that it says “Withdrawals are temporarily disabled for this account” and when you see this, I read it means a hacker tried to get in your account

  2. I also read about the grayed out paypal button which from what I read seems like a bug or glitch, but maybe I’m wrong.

    So is #1 and #2 above the same thing but they just happen in different ways?

Reply to @kjblynx: Hmmm, confusing. I read plenty of posts where it says the “Withdrawals are temporary disabled for this account” was for security reasons because of a hacker.

For example this post:

But I never read that the grayed out paypal button was because of a hacker until now. I’m not saying it isn’t, I’m just saying I never read it before but then again I may of missed it.

I wish fiverr would clarify these things better.