Paypal button is invisible in my Revenues Area


I’hv 12$ in my account. And I want to withdraw that money throw paypal. As I am not 18 so I can’t open paoneer account.

I have also contact fiverr support but they faild to give me a solution. Is there anyone who can help me to solve this issue?


If you have available fund in fiverr and your paypal button in hide then you need to contact customer support, customer support resolve your issue shortly. Thanks


Hey @webexpert1313, while I think it’s good you are trying to help people, but almost ALL your posts say “Contact Customer Support”.
Maybe you may wish to actually READ :mag: what the OPs say in their post before you tell everyone to Contact Customer Support.

@darkweber My first question would be has it already been 14 days since your Order has been marked COMPLETE?

Fiverr clears your revenue after 14 days of Order Completion.
-> Selling
-> Revenues
to verify this.

Also, If you activate your Paypal for the first time, there’s an additional 24 hours waiting period, before you can use it


I know, But this problem is only possible to solved by customer support, Fiverr Support only can help this issue.

Thats the reason, Thanks


Posting this AGAIN:


If fund is Available (Clear fund for withdrawal), And Paypal button hide, then only customer support solve this issue.

Because i was suffer same issue some time, and fiverr customer support everytime solve our issue. Thanks


My Balance is ready for withdraw. It is already cleared. But paypal button is visible.


You may be in a country or region where PayPal is blocked. If Customer Support did not offer a solution that you were happy with, what did they say? Just saying they failed doesn’t help others to help you, even though some are trying.

If there is a real problem that will prevent you from using PayPal, you might consider one of these:

Use another method like bank draft
Have a trusted adult family member help you with Payoneer
Wait to withdraw until you find a resolution and perhaps use your earnings to re-invest in your business by purchasing useful gigs from others.


@webexpert1313 In this case it has been pointed out to you that your situation does not match the OP situation. To be helpful and earn forum trust, look for some topics where you can learn from others first or where your contribution is truly useful.