Paypal button not working


I came to withdraw my funds today and I see that the PayPal button says payments in progress but I haven’t even pressed it, it is also not completing the process it is saying its doing, is anyone else experiencing this problem


Speak to Customer Services about it - I had it once, and they sorted it out really quickly for me!


Hi I have sent them a ticket already, hopefully they will resolve this, I just wanted to know if other people on fiverr was having the same problem and if they resolved it
Thanks Florence


Hope you get it sorted soon!


If you haven’t even pressed the PayPal button but it says payment in progress, perhaps someone else got access to your account? If that’s the case, it might be a good idea to change all of your passwords and to check if the PayPal address associated with your Fiverr account is the one you connected, not someone else’s.


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Thanks that went through my mind also and I have checked and no one as changed anything in the back end of my Fiverr


I hope it’s really just a bug, and not someone stealing your funds.


Freaked me out when it happened to me, but it was just a bug. I changed every password, cleared my browsers - everything - nothing I’d done, nor anybody else, just one of those things!


I agree it did the same with me also


Nota Bene: I read somewhere today (I believe slashdot) that Paypal is in the process of updating their policy.

This is apparently code for raising many of their fees.

  1. Can anyone corroborate this rumor?
  2. What are the implications for Fiverr?


Did you withdraw funds recently? It takes about 24 hours before it allows you to withdraw again after you withdraw funds.


same issue with me also.
PayPal and Bank Transfer not working.


I read that too, and also that some people already received e-mails to the fact, I didn´t get a mail yet, but:

Effective Date: March 29, 2017

According to PayPal’s own page all kinds of rates will rise, so I guess the fiverr - PayPal one may too, but as far as I am aware they do have a deal with them, so that remains to be seen. Regarding on how we are informed about changes, I assume it will be seen by suddenly noticing a higher fee charged. :wink:

There are changes apart from raised fees too, so it´s a good idea to read that, if one uses PayPal.


I read through all the Paypal changes and can’t see anything that will change how sellers send money to Paypal from fiverr, or the fee they pay of $1 each time they send money to their Paypal account. For us it all stays the same. I’m not positive about countries other than U.S.


[details=off-topic paypal privacy policy]I like this here (my bolding), so that means they do sell our account information to third parties for other purposes I guess…but what´s new.

Amendments to the PayPal Privacy Policy

The update to the Privacy Policy is effective March 29, 2017. Our Privacy Policy explains the types of data PayPal collects and how we use it. From time to time, we make updates to the Privacy Policy - for example, to reflect changes in our business, to provide you with better services, or to ensure that we meet our legal obligations. Importantly, we don’t ever sell your account information to third parties for marketing purposes. A summary of changes is provided below.

We clarified that we use cloud-based service providers to store and process information which may include personal data. “Cloud-based” services means services that are based online and can be located in the US or anywhere in the world.[/details]


Hi guys just wanted to update you on the progress of the PayPal button not working.
I contacted customer service and they had me up and running the next day, they said that it needed resetting only so all good from my side thanks for all your comments great community we have, keep up the good work
Thanks Florence